Safe-Lite Mwangaza

Safe-Lite Mwangaza admin July 27, 2023
Safe-Lite Mwangaza

“Safe-lite Mwangaza”, is a Glass Reinforced translucent roofing sheet used for natural day lighting in industrial go downs, warehouses, factories, carports, walkways etc. Safe-lite Mwangaza GRP roofing and wall cladding sheets are manufactured using UV stabilized unsaturated polyester resin and glass fibre reinforcement material.

Safe-lite Mwangaza is manufactured in an automated continuous line laminating machine using a thermosetting process. This process ensures consistently high product quality in successive consignments, and allows for any lengths of sheet up to 12 meters.

The surface of the sheets is bonded with a UV stabilized polyester film layer heat sealed on to the sheets for an increased lifespan. This new generation technology offers superior weathering characteristics to other conventional methods.

Safe-lite premium Mwangaza is a chemically coated GRP translucent sheet with an extremely high grade UV isophthalic neopentyl glycol laquer to prevent the surface weathering and exposing fibre.

The end result is a high-gloss surface protected against damage from exposure to the weather, UV, chemical attack and corrosion.
Safe lite premium Mwangaza Gel Coated opaque and translucent sheets available only on special order if so requested.

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