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Pick-up Bodies

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Pick-up Bodies

All our bodies are moulded from quality fibreglass materials

We offer many optional extras:

  • Blank sided bodies for commercial use
  • Hatch windows for communication
  • Security mesh for windows
  • Rail across side windows
  • Tinted Windows, Seats, Gas lifters for rear door
  • Bush bar 2WD/4WD, Spare Wheel Mounting
  • Tow Bar, Rear Protection Bar
  • Dust Proofing, Colour Match, Bed Lining
  • Fitting of a wide range of accessories inlcuding shock absorbers & tyres
  • Other designs available

SF23 Single Cab

Bull Bars

Double Cabin

Bed Lining

SF204 Nissan

SF21 Zain

Police Body

SF8 No Windows

Branded Body

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